So I tried singing Those You’ve Known once and suddenly found myself singing the right tune, but the lyrics to On My Own.  I decided to see how close the two songs really are.  Answer:  Very.


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Visiting Dress

Jacques Doucet, 1900-1905

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I just want to forget sometimes.

Valjean: Have you ever wanted to get away from something? What was it?

I’ve always wanted to get away from my social anxiety and paranoia. It’s not healthy, I know, but I’m doing my best not to give a fuck about the little things that hurt me. This problem was never prevalent because people think I’m sociable, intelligent, or kind enough not to care. But I do. And it fucking kills me. I just fake it until it looks real for people— that’s why it doesn’t look like a problem.

Javert: What is your latest obsession?

Going back to my real self.

Bishop Myriel: Are you religious or do you believe in a higher power?

I used to be overly religious. Now? Not so much because I have a plethora of questions. Honestly, I’m still quite confused because I’m still not sure if an organised religion is really necessary to become a person of virtue, of worth, of quality. But I still want to believe in something higher than me, even if I can’t completely comprehend it. I mean, I want to understand thoroughly where one entity came from and chose to make something beautiful and chaotic like our world. My ears will be willing to listen to anyone who can tell me what they think of it. I don’t care if anyone belongs to a religion or not, truthfully. But it doesn’t mean that I won’t or have no respect for anyone’s religion just because I am still confused and/or pensive. I just live by the code: give each other what we deserve. You’re human? You deserve as many rights just as I do. Earn the privilege to do what you want and be what you want.

Fantine: Would you do anything for someone you loved?

Yes. If I loved them enough, I would. I don’t need reciprocation or validation. Just love. But I can give up love if I don’t want to lengthen my suffering from a person who won’t even consider me as a human being capable of charm and chaos.

Thénardier: Have you ever deliberately scammed someone or stolen something?

Nope. But I can deliberately charm people to the best of my advantage if I’m in the mood, probably.

Eponine: Have you ever been the victim of unrequited love?

Oh, yes. I regret nothing. My feelings are valid and need no repulsion from people who think love is foolish. I merely regret giving my affections to the wrong person.

Gavroche: What was the coolest thing you did as a child?

Being able to climb or “ninja” my way into our house. Speaking Nippongo to a Japanese who had problems reading the prices of food on an English menu.

Marius: Are you often joked about amongst your friends?

Quite. They joke about how red my cheeks are sometimes. Or my supposed “innocence” when it comes to porn or whatever they consider lewd even if I can talk about sex with a straight face.

Cosette: Who is the love of your life?

Me. My family. My friends. Having a man or woman doesn’t necessarily always complete someone’s existence.

Enjolras: Would you risk your life for a cause you believe in?

Yes. Fire and rain.

Courfeyrac: How many romantic partners have you ever had?

None. But if you can count subtly flirting with an arsehole, who I thought was someone like Enjolras, fine, then there’s one. But I hate him to the pits of my being now.

Combeferre: What is the name of the last book that you read?

Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”.

Feuilly: Have you ever taught yourself how to do something? What was it?

Learning Japanese. I gave up learning Japanese after the 100, 000 plus kanji I must know to read Nihongo naturally. But I can still speak and understand conversational Nippongo even if I’ve said “Sayounara” to it 3 years ago.

Joly: What do you do to stay healthy?

Sleep, mostly. Listen to music. Jog once in a while. Eat. Drink tea.

Lesgles/Bossuet: What is one of the worst things that has ever happened to you?

Trusting an arsehole.

Musichetta: Have you ever been involved with two people at once?

If you’re asking if I’ve ever been involved romantically with two people at once, nope. I understand the natural craving of it of some people, but I think it’s still deplorable.

Prouvaire: Where, or in what, do you find beauty or solace?

I find it in music. In my solitude. In my being. Or in chaos.

Grantaire: List one of your greatest vices and a talent that makes up for it.

Kindness is a vice. But people think I’m too kind and generally pass up the chance to do anything too damaging to me. That’s their mistake. So I use my kindness to help people and/or make enemies my friends. That’s sort of a talent for me. A Psychologist friend of mine agrees. I know it doesn’t sound like a vice, but for me, it is. I can’t quit being kind. I’m *too* kind. At least, that’s what they say of me.

Bahorel: Have you ever been in a fight? Describe the circumstances surrounding it.

I wrestled with a petulant and stubborn kid in front of a church. I don’t get angry easily since I have a B-I-N-G-O code to live by, but that day, I’ve had enough bullshit from that boy and fought fist-by-fist. I didn’t care about my reputation as a sweet little girl of ten. I’m not that. I never was that. I can break easily, but my mind does not forget easily.

Montparnasse: Who is the worst person you’ve ever worked for?

I haven’t worked for a person yet, but I had this friend I worked with for a cha-cha group dance. She can be quite controlling, even if I was supposed to take the lead because I played the part of the man. There was one instance where she sort of physically assaulted me while we were all practicing before the final presentation. She didn’t apologise for it. I didn’t get mad, but I got disappointed in her. It made me question my friendship with her even if I can really understand why she can be like that sometimes. It just hurt me. I brushed it off, and we resumed acting like that never happened, but I have not forgotten.




what it’s like to be an artist, writer, musician, ….

it’s so accurate it hurts

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